About Spark / 關於我們

Spark Toastmasters Club (以下簡稱 Spark TMC) 成立於1999年9月,我們提供一個可以輕鬆練習英文、交朋友的環境。 於每個月的第2及第4個星期四,晚上7:10~9:00有聚會,歡迎有興趣的朋友與我們連絡喔!

Spark Toastmasters Club was established in 1999. The mission of our club is to create a friendly and positive environment for our members to practice their communication skills and leadership skills. We meet twice a month, on every 2nd and 4th Thursday night from 7:10 to 9:00 near Shipai Station. Should you are interested in becoming one of us don’t hesitate to contact us through social media (Line, FB) or via email! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

可將Spark 加為 line 好友,重要資訊不漏接!
Spark Office Line ID: "@rwd7656v"
* Spark 官方line 是用來傳送相關訊息,例如提醒當天有聚會或活動照片上傳,無法用來聊天喔!

For those who have a Line account we strongly recommend you to join our Line group (Spark Official Line ID: @rwd7656v). This Line group will send you meeting reminders and important announcements to help save you some time to go through emails and FB posts.

為什麼要加入 Spark TMC ? Why Join Spark TMC?


The annual membership fee is only NT$4,000. Join Spark, you can practice public speaking skills and take different assignments in the meetings. You will learn different skills through playing these roles.

1. Develop your communication skills 訓練你的溝通演講技巧
2. Develop your leadership skills 訓練你的領導能力
3. Expand your network 擴展你的社交圈
4. Practice Quick Responses 練習快速的反應
5. Have access to educational programs