2018年9月17日 星期一

[Spark TMC] We upload the photos!

Hi! Everyone,

We had a successful meeting on 9/13. We had lots of guests and many supporters. Thanks all of you!😘

We have uploaded the photos, please come and check what happened in our last meeting, https://ppt.cc/f9N14x 
Please feel free to share it with you lovely friends and partners. It would be wonderful if you tag yourself in our album. 😎

Meanwhile, we had a special and brilliant workshop at our last meeting. It's a pity if you missed it. However, fortunately, the workshop speaker - Rei said that we may share the video on our fans page. Come and check it out! https://ppt.cc/fdVGxx

Furthermore, we will prepare lots of fun at our future meetings. 
Our next meeting is on 9/27. We will celebrate Spark's 19th birthday!!!💕
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The theme will be TBT (Throwback Thursday). 
Come and have fun with us!!

See you in Spark!
Susan Chang
Spark's President 2018-2019

2018年9月6日 星期四

[SPARK TMC] The Draft agenda of spark meeting on 9/13

Dear Sparks and friends,

Next Spark meeting is on 9/13. This time, we cooperate with RBZ English and have a special workshop,  the art of communication. Speaking will be a powerful weapon, if you use the right way. The trainer is Rei Amilcar (夏馬瑞) who is from Atlanta, GA, USA. He is a professional trainer, keynote speaker, and business English consultant. Rei is going to teach us how to use different ways of expressing our ideas!

The meeting theme is "my time / 我的時代." Everyone has his or her own life. How about your life? What did you experience and define your time? Please share with us and let people know you more.

Please find the attached draft agenda and event poster.

See you next Thursday,

2018年8月28日 星期二

[SPARK TMC] Special event on 9/13

The right approach saves effort and leaders better results. Speaking is the same. We call it “the art of communication.” It is not easy, especially English is not our mother tongue.

Spark is very honored to cooperate with RBZ English this time. We will hold a workshop, the art of communication, on 9/13. The trainer is Rei Amilcar (夏馬瑞) who is from Atlanta, GA, USA. He is a professional trainer, keynote speaker, and business English consultant. Rei is going to teach us how to use different ways of expressing our ideas!

If you are tired of going straight and getting nothing, book your schedule and attend Spark meeting on 9/13! You will become an English communication master.

2018年8月26日 星期日

[Spark TMC] We upload our photos! Come and check what happened in our last meeting.

Dear Sparks and Friends,


We just upload our photos of our last meeting on Aug 23rd. Click here: https://goo.gl/zqYq5d 


In our last meeting, we had 4 fantastic speakers. Vicky just finished the second speech of her pathway LV1's project 2. It's about how to take a good photo. It's so useful that we can carry on her points in our daily life. And, as a newbie, she really got lots of improvements. Freda showed us the benefits of using a voice tube. Steven from Pega Pega TMC showed us how to play snake board. As for me, I talked about the firm friendship. Thanks to all speakers, we learned from various genres and take away many things.


Plus, we had many supporters from other clubs; they gave solid suggestions to our speakers for their impartments. And all session masters connect the whole meeting so well! Especially our newbie, Shaun, challenge his first table topic master, which did a brilliant job and design the questions well.


All in all, thanks for all the fantastic helpers, you made the meeting complete.


And, we have some news need to announce,

  • 9/13: We cooperate with RBZ English and will have a special workshop – The art of communication. RBZ's Rei will hold this workshop. The detail will release on Aug 27.
  • 9/27: Spark's Birthday party. The meeting theme will be TBT Throwback Thursday. We would like to collect your old photos based on the following theme - 從來就是個吃貨精, 看我七十二變, and "My spark moment"

    Please kindly send your interesting photos to chang_s_f@hotmail.com  

    We will design our meeting contents with your photos.


    All in all, don't forget our workshop and birthday party in Sep. Looking forward to seeing you in Spark!


    Susan Chang

    Spark's president 2018-2019

2018年8月17日 星期五

[SPARK TMC] The Draft Agenda of Spark Meeting on 8/23

Dear Sparks and friends, 

The next Spark meeting is on 8/23. The meeting theme is color.

We live in a colorful world. Different color presents a different meaning.
Red – For Danger, Passion, Excitement & Energy
Orange – Fresh, Youthful, Creative & Adventurous
Yellow – Optimistic, Cheerful, Playful & Happy
Green – Natural, Vitality, Prestige & Wealth
Blue – Communicative, Trustworthy, Calming & Depressed
Purple – Royalty, Majesty, Spiritual & Mysterious
Brown – Organic, Wholesome, Simple & Honest
Pink – Feminine, Sentimental, Romantic & Exciting
Black – Sophisticated, Formal, Luxurious & Sorrowful
White – Purity, Simplicity, Innocence & Minimalism
Multicolor – Variety

What color do you like the most? Please share with us on 8/23.

Enclosed please find the draft agenda.

2018年8月10日 星期五

Thank you for joining our meeting on Aug. 9th

Dear all,


We all had fun for the meeting with you last evening. Spark TMC is a big family.

We're supporters for each other.


Below is the photo link, let's enjoy it again!



Our next meeting would be Aug. 23rd, please reserve your time and join!


Best regards,

連明怡/Betty Lien

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Area G3 director


Procurement Sec.1

BU6 Broadband CPE Business Procurement Dept.

Tel: +886-2-8143-9001 Ext: 36471

No. 150-3, Lide Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei 11259, Taiwan



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2018年8月3日 星期五

[Spark TMC] Draft Agenda of Spark meeting on 8/9

Dear Sparks and friends,

Next Spark meeting is on 8/9. The meeting theme is "Supporter."

The structure of the "people" is to support each other. Who has always got your back and let you go forward without fear? This time, we are going to share those people who are important in our lives. Because of them, we are brave and fearless. We dare to trace our dreams and even catch them.

Come to the meeting and support us! Enclosed please find the attached agenda.

See ya,